For clients where MarcumAsia is not serving as the independent auditor, we provide a range of consulting services including internal audit, financial reporting support, pre-audit, transaction accounting services, and internal control design and implementation. MarcumAsia also assists management to design and implement comprehensive internal audit programs, including the right people, technology, and process design, to comply with both domestic and international standards.

Given that M&A transactions often place a strain on management resources, our team also helps to implement standardized financial reporting and internal control practices at acquired entities and identify any complex accounting and disclosure issues. We also help U.S. companies with operating subsidiaries in China to achieve high quality internal controls and standardized financial reporting.

MarcumAsia's internal control and financial reporting consulting covers:

  • Internal control audit, design, remediation, and implementation
  • Third-party contractual compliance services
  • Compliance review and monitoring services
  • Internal audit services in preparation for capital raising or IPO
  • Internal audit and internal controls support for acquisitions
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance
  • IT audit and support services

Chinese companies seeking to list in the U.S. often have a difficult time attracting and training qualified personnel who are thoroughly knowledgeable about preparing financial statements to conform with U.S. GAAP and meet SEC disclosure standards. MarcumAsia can help to supplement your team in the context of preparing to raise capital, pursuing a public listing, or making a major acquisition. Our internal audit and pre-audit support services help to smooth the audit process, anticipate and address questions and concerns of regulators, and train staff to be able to sustain high quality financial reporting practices on a go-forward basis.