MarcumAsia has extensive experience with forensic accounting in China representing special committees of the board, outside investors, and management teams in situations where reported financials are in dispute or potentially inaccurate or intentionally misleading.

Forensic accounting investigations have become more prevalent in China as Chinese companies have engaged in disagreements with their auditors or become subject to investigations by regulators or allegations by short-sellers. These are often highly charged, adversarial environments where enormous shareholder value and even the future of a company’s public listing hangs in the balance. Understandably independent board members may have reason to question management’s representations, while management teams may feel unjustifiably under attack.

MarcumAsia takes a professional and objective approach to forensic accounting assignments, leveraging the enormous base of expertise and innovative techniques that we have developed to evaluate a company’s true performance and financial condition, address critical disputes, and get answers to decision makers.

Our forensic accounting services are deployed in the context of:

  • Investigations by special committees of the board.
  • Short-seller attacks.
  • Inquiries by U.S. regulators and stock markets.
  • Auditor resignations.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations.