MarcumAsia has become one of the top-ranked auditors for Chinese companies listed in the U.S. markets and a trusted resource for both U.S. investors considering making investments in China and for Chinese companies and individuals undertaking business expansion or acquisitions in America.

The linkages between the economies of China and America are dense and continuing to expand. At the same time there remain vast differences in the business cultures, accounting practices, and regulatory environments of the two countries. If not well understood, these differences can lead to costly mistakes and miscommunications that destroy business value.

MarcumAsia is dedicated to bridging the gap between China and America by providing high quality, professional independent audit services, financial due diligence, and advisory services to our clients. We have built a very deep expertise in Chinese business practices, combined with highly trained accounting professionals so as to be able to facilitate successful transactions and beneficial business relationships.

Get to Know MarcumAsia

Clients choose MarcumAsia for a number of reasons, including:

  • Our integrated service delivery model that combines professionals in China with extensive knowledge of SEC and PCAOB accounting standards with U.S.-based industry leading experts in technical accounting, international tax, and compliance issues.
  • Our commitment to independence and quality as reflected in our reputation for continually upgrading techniques for audit assurance in the Chinese market.
  • Our client-focused approach that emphasizes timely, cost-effective, and pragmatic solutions to accounting issues.
  • Our ability to scale experienced teams to tackle sizeable and time-sensitive audit assignments with professionals who have Big Four accounting expertise.

For cross-border transactions between U.S. and China there is one firm that combines industry-leading expertise with a commitment to flexible, cost-effective service – MarcumAsia.