MarcumAsia provides a comprehensive set of services to support M&A transactions and organic growth by Chinese companies and individuals seeking to penetrate new markets, diversify their assets internationally, and make strategic acquisitions overseas.

As China reaches the next phase of its development, overseas expansion and investment by Chinese companies and wealthy individuals is driving tremendous economic change and growth. Such “Go Out” strategies are part of the natural evolution of Chinese enterprises into true multi-national corporations, and are driven by factors including:

  • Securing valuable intellectual property and talent to move up the industry value chain.
  • Building global distribution and/or retail networks in support of new market entry and growth.
  • Need to acquire globally recognized and trusted brands.
  • Vertical integration across the supply chain.
  • Opportunities to acquire low-priced, distressed assets with strategic value.

MarcumAsia is an ideal partner for ambitious Chinese enterprises seeking to expand overseas, with our combination of a highly experienced team of China-based consultants and a network of offices across the United States that combines a wide range of industry expertise and technical specialties.

MarcumAsia provides the flexibility, cultural understanding, and high level of service that our Chinese clients expect, along with the breadth and depth of a nationally ranked accounting firm, Marcum LLP.

MarcumAsia is ready to support your organic or acquired expansion strategy including:

  • Audit of U.S. operating entities.
  • Financial due diligence and M&A support.
  • Global tax structuring and compliance services.
  • Capital verification.
  • Real estate transaction support.
  • Bankruptcy & insolvency transactions.
  • Multi-country estate and tax planning services.

How MarcumAsia Can Help

MarcumAsia helps our Chinese clients to avoid the potential pitfalls of expansion and acquisitions in the U.S., while maintaining operational focus and building a positive reputation with all parties. Our team is able to understand your strategy, speak to you in your own language, and help you to navigate the American business culture and regulatory environment to achieve successful transactions.