April 1, 2023

The Luckiest City State on Earth

Planet MicroCap Review

By Drew Bernstein, Co-Chairman, MarcumAsia

The Luckiest City State on Earth

Excerpt: With attractive tax incentives, business-friendly regulations, and an enviable location, some are calling Singapore the “Hong Kong of the Future”

What does this mean for investors?

  • Keep an eye out for new listings from Southeast Asia. So far, there have only been a handful of companies from Southeast Asia that have listed in the U.S., As more of these names come to the U.S. markets, Southeast Asia will increasingly become an investable asset class rather than a handful of names for US retail and institutional investors.
  • Consider Singapore to be now a major fundraising stop for companies and private equity funds looking to raise capital.
  • Expect Singapore and Southeast Asia overall to be the new venture and private equity investment hub for a region spanning from The Philippines to India.
  • Welcome to your new headquarters. Increasingly, companies from many parts of the region, including India and Indonesia, will establish corporate headquarters in Singapore rather than Hong Kong because it provides greater flexibility for international capital raising

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