July 11, 2023

How Top CEOs Are Navigating The U.S.-China Divide


How Top CEOs Are Navigating The U.S.-China Divide

Drew Bernstein, co-founder and co-chairman, Marcum Asia contributed an article to Forbes.com. The article evaluates how select companies have managed to artfully dance across it.


Imagine your parents are talking about splitting up. Now imagine your parents are the two most powerful people in the world and, between them, control the most attractive opportunities to advance in your career. Now imagine your parents insist all their friends and family pick sides and definitively break off relations with the opposing camp.

Welcome to life as an ambitious global corporation as tensions mount between the United States and China. Whether it is a strict decoupling or more selective de-risking, both nations keep piling new restrictions on trade in technology, cross-border investment, and market access that makes it increasingly challenging to maintain a position of friendly neutrality.

This poses a quandary for CEOs of multinational corporations. If you are not a player in the Chinese market, you may soon be relegated to second-class status. But if executives appear overly sympathetic or supportive to China, they may find their companies subject to sanctions or political shaming back in America. This situation has placed the CEOs of some of the best companies in the world on a razor’s edge, and it is instructive to see how they have managed to artfully dance across it – for now.

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