At MarcumAsia, we recognize that the quality of our professionals is the ultimate determining factor of our business success. As such, we are dedicated to creating an environment where talented people can learn, grow, and develop leadership skills.

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As independent auditors, we have a deeply ingrained culture of business integrity. We encourage our employees to pursue audit quality and ask challenging questions continuously. While we emphasize client service and creative problem-solving, we will never compromise our professional standards in pursuit of short-term gain.

Cam kết học tập và phát triển

We are committed to providing training, coaching, and learning opportunities to our people to create highly trained, well-rounded professionals. Our leaders are also mentors, and developing new talent is core to how we evaluate and reward management potential. At MarcumAsia, you will never feel you are simply a cog in a machine. We recognize and cultivate the unique talents and potential of each team member.

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Given MarcumAsia’s significant growth and entrepreneurial culture, we place no limits on your opportunities for advancement. We provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and engage in the practice.

Suppose you are looking for an organization where you can grow professionally, make a significant mark, and access world-class expertise and coaching. In that case, MarcumAsia may be the right place for you.

Our Values

MarcumAsia’s culture is rooted in a robust set of shared values that make us an attractive place to work for those seeking professional, personal, and intellectual growth and an environment where they can see their creativity and drive to pay ample rewards.

We work as a team for the best interests of our firm, clients, and colleagues.

We draw on the best expertise & relationships to deliver value and advance the business wherever possible.

We demonstrate respect, civility, and humility in all our interactions.

We realize that someone else may always have a better solution. We avoid gossip, denigration, and we maintain client confidences.

We share information often and early.

We get out in front of problems and brainstorm solutions. We are supportive but clear and transparent in evaluating performance and setting path and criteria to advance.

We are building our firm long-term according to a clear vision.

We never trade excessive risk for short-term gains. Our team members align with our vision, or we help them to transition to another opportunity.

Seeking Talent to Join Our Team

Given the rapid growth of our business, MarcumAsia is seeking to hire the exceptional and highly motivated talent required to take our firm to the next level.

Chúng tôi tìm cách thuê những người có những phẩm chất sau:

  • Passionate: Loving what they do
  • Integrity: Do the right thing
  • Excellence: Giving their best
  • Respect: Value everyone’s contribution
  • Teamwork: Cooperating, communicating, and collaborating
  • Community: Giving back
  • Balance: Making a good life, not just a good living

Lương thưởng &; Phúc lợi

We provide flexible, comprehensive benefits and competitive compensation so employees can afford to take good care of themselves and their families. Following are just some of the items in our benefits package:

  • Mức lương cạnh tranh
  • Chương trình thưởng tùy ý
  • Hỗ trợ và Hỗ trợ Kỳ thi CPA với Phí Cấp phép
  • Tiền thưởng CPA
  • Tiền thưởng giới thiệu khách hàng
  • Tiền thưởng giới thiệu nhân viên
  • Thời gian nghỉ cá nhân có lương
  • Chương trình phát triển nghề nghiệp
  • Hỗ trợ Giáo dục Thường xuyên
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Bảo hiểm nhân thọ
  • Bảo hiểm bổ sung
  • Bảo hiểm xã hội (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Bảo hiểm tài trợ (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Bảo hiểm tai nạn lao động (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Bảo hiểm chăm sóc sức khỏe (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Bảo hiểm thai sản (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Bảo hiểm thất nghiệp (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)
  • Quỹ dự phòng nhà ở (nhân viên địa phương Trung Quốc)

Open Positions

  • Conduct complex corporate auditions by identifying and documenting key procedures and controls applying GAAP, statistical analysis methods, CCH ProSystem Engagement, Checkpoint, and PPC
  • Conduct audits and optimize audit procedures following U.S. GAAS and U.S. GAAP to increase compliance and efficiency
  • Design and apply audit procedures to financial statements (10-K/10-Q) based on PCAOB Standards and SEC rules and regulations
  • Conduct audits following GAAS by gathering, analyzing, evaluating, and documenting the transaction processes and procedures for risk management and regulatory compliance including SEC filing and Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Prepare audit documents, including workpapers, checklists, and correspondence
  • Execute internal control testing for public audits
  • Identify and communicate accounting issues compliance with U.S. GAAS/U.S.GAAP/IFRS to management
  • Analyze financial statements and target company data to identify financial and operating trends, quality of earnings and working capital considerations, and potential liabilities and risks in financial reporting
  • Summarize the impact of International Accounting and Corporate Tax in financial reporting after mergers and acquisitions
  • Must have Master’s Degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Skills & knowldge in CCH ProSystem Engagement, Financial Reporting, GAAS, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC filings, and Statistical Analysis

New York, NY

$91,000 – $94,000

Send resume with code QIL006 to:
Human Resources
Marcum Asia CPAs, LLP
7 Penn Plaza, Ste 830
New York, NY 10001