Pearl  Peng

Managing Director, Strategic Development

About Pearl

Pearl Peng joined MarcumAsia in 2018 as Managing Director; she works closely with founding partner to expand clientele and providing advisory work to top management of pre-IPOs or listed companies in Greater China.

Before joining MarcumAsia, she has more than 10 years of investment communication experience as investor relations (IR) professional for IR firms and listed companies in Singapore, Hong Kong and Greater China.

She was responsible for daily IR consulting which involved working closely with CEOs & CFOs of listed companies to formulate and executing equity market strategies; leading Initial Public Offering (IPO) projects, managing full IPO process through a myriad of bankers, lawyers, media and regulators for successful listing on an exchange. Through years of experience, she has extensive network with investment community and regulators in Singapore, Hong Kong and Wall Street.

Pearl holds a degree in Finance from University College Dublin (UCD) and fluent in Chinese, English and Cantonese.