PCAOB Audits for Asian Issuers

An Independent Accounting Firm Specializing in Cross-Border Transactions

MarcumAsia leverages our audit professionals’ knowledge, training, and experience to engage and meet critical timetables efficiently and effectively.

Our fully integrated client service model for Asia audits a team of senior-level, bilingual audit professionals who are highly trained in SEC and PCAOB accounting principles and audit standards and well-versed in the realities of how business is done in Asia.

Operating out of six regional offices across Asia, our Asia team is also backed by some of the industry’s most experienced technical and industry accounting experts from Marcum LLP. MarcumAsia has consistently received favorable inspection reports from the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and enjoys established working relationships with the U.S. stock markets and regulators, including the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

We have extensive knowledge of performing accounting and assurance services for public and privately held clients covering a broad range of industries.

We offer a tailored audit approach with a strong emphasis on early planning and how your business functions. This enables us to identify key audit components and tailor our procedures to the unique aspects of your business. The benefit to you is an effective, cost-efficient, independent audit performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

In a technologically advanced society, companies have a greater need for fraud detection, identification of information technology vulnerabilities, internal audit, risk management, corporate governance, and internal control reporting services. MarcumAsia has the industry expertise to facilitate these services and meet the needs of companies.

If your company is seeking an experienced, flexible, highly respected audit firm with deep knowledge of Asia, there is only one choice – MarcumAsia.

MarcumAsia is a top-ranked SEC auditor for Asian companies listed on the U.S. stock markets or seeking to access the U.S. capital markets.

We have worked with all the underwriters and law firms that are active in advising Asian companies seeking to complete an initial public offering on NASDAQ or the NYSE, enabling us to be an effective member of the deal team to bring your listing transaction to the finish line. We possess deep familiarity with the elements required for getting a registration statement cleared with the SEC and can help to anticipate the critical accounting issues that are most likely to require particular emphasis and analysis by regulators.

Given the unique challenges of performing audits in Asia’s evolving business and regulatory environment, companies and investors benefit from having an auditor with deep expertise in Chinese accounting practices, government regulations, business culture, and industry norms.

MarcumAsia has pioneered several innovative approaches that enable us to deeply understand our client’s businesses and provide assurance services beyond the standard checklist approach.

  • Anticipating issues likely to cause concern among U.S. regulators and exchanges so that management can properly present financial results and resolve problems before they arise.
  • Focusing on critical accounting and business model issues that might attract the attention of investors, including short sellers, if not adequately disclosed.
  • Educate senior management on the best practices in disclosure, governance, and internal controls to develop a plan to meet global standards.
  • Helping to ensure that crucial acquisitions and customer transactions are structured and appropriately documented.

In an environment where market windows can open and close quickly, having an experienced auditor is essential to capturing the opportunity to raise capital and launch the next phase of your corporate evolution as a public company.

MarcumAsia offers specialized audit and advisory services to support SPAC sponsors and SPAC merger targets in Asia.

MarcumAsia and our parent company, Marcum LLP, have been involved in more special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions than any other audit firm. We are the only audit firm with a dedicated SPAC team in Asia. MarcumAsia performs all audits for Marcum in Asia, and MarcumAsia is a top-five auditor for Asian companies listed in the U.S.

Our team understands all the complexities of SPAC accounting and the de-SPAC process, in which time to market is often a primary consideration given the limited duration of the SPAC vehicle to complete a merger.


MarcumAsia offers a cost-effective and experienced alternative for U.S.-listed companies with operations in Asia that require scalable resources on the ground, local business knowledge, and the ability to conduct PCAOB-compliant audits of their subsidiaries in China or elsewhere in Asia.

Given the continued influx of foreign direct investment into the region, the need for qualified audit resources will continue to grow. MarcumAsia is a highly experienced partner to support your operations in Asia.