We have over 250 experienced SEC accounting professionals based in Asia. We combine a deep understanding of local business practices and regulatory requirements with market-leading expertise in SEC accounting issues and PCAOB audit requirements. We hire the best and most highly motivated employees from the Big Four and provide an environment where they can grow and be rewarded for exceptional work.


MarcumAsia has a fully integrated “one-firm-model” rather than using local affiliates or outsourced consultants common at other firms. Our audit teams, engagement partners, and QC can work on a 24/7 collaborative model. This is particularly valuable for time-sensitive capital markets transactions where delays can mean missing a market window.

Technical Expertise

MarcumAsia maintains a team of over 30 subject matter experts (SMEs) with industry-leading knowledge about the appropriate accounting treatment for a wide range of specialized industries, transactions, and technical accounting issues who are available to support the engagement partner.

MarcumAsia Expertise