Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations increasingly influence trillions of dollars of investment decisions and drive government policies. A commitment to ESG can help companies to attract and retain talent, increase investor confidence, and reduce operational and regulatory risks.

Asian issuers operate in societies that are often on the front lines of the impact of climate change. Contributions to meeting important social goals can help win critical policy support from local government. Embracing governance excellence helps companies stand out as industry leaders. Sophisticated public companies from Asia set forth ESG strategies and KPIs and then report transparently about their progress in achieving these targets.

Diverse By Design

By its very nature, MarcumAsia’s business is focused on providing a bridge between Asia and the global investment community. Our success is based on attracting the best people from different nations and cultures and creating a unique culture based on collaboration, sharing multiple perspectives, and respect. Bridging cultures generates more creative solutions, greater empathy, and invaluable client insights. Our workplace encourages people to speak their minds and reach their full potential, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, or any factor that contributes to the richness of the human experience.

Founded on Integrity

As auditors, we play an essential role in ensuring the integrity of the financial information that investors rely upon to allocate capital and sustain their retirements. Every member of our professional staff commits to the MarcumAsia Code of Conduct and receives annual training in ethics. Even more critical, we promote the culture that it is equally important to do the right thing when the rules are unclear. In recent years, we have dramatically increased our investment in audit quality to support the growth of our practice. MarcumAsia’s QC team is deeply integrated with the audit practice to promote deep knowledge and efficient resolution of issues as they arise.

Nurturing Our People

Excellence in any professional career demands sustained effort and mastery of vast amounts of technical detail. At MarcumAsia, we encourage our employees to pursue lifetime learning, continuously grow their competence, and find sustainable balance with other life goals.

Our professional staff receive an average of 40 hours of training every year. Our MarcumAsia Mentors program pairs emerging talent with senior leaders to help set and attain career goals. We make hybrid and flex work arrangements available to team members who have demonstrated the capacity to work independently.

Women at MarcumAsia

MarcumAsia is committed to providing equitable opportunities for people of all genders, and nurturing and retaining women has been essential to building our practice. To this end, we strive to create opportunities for women to grow their professional responsibility, visibility, and impact in client-facing and leadership roles.

Our goal as a firm is that gender should never be a limiting factor in reaching your professional potential and charting a rewarding career. Currently, women make up approximately 65% of MarcumAsia’s professional staff. In the past year, we have grown the percentage of female partners from under 10% to 35%.

Environmental Impact

MarcumAsia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business globally. Recent initiatives have focused on transitioning to paperless audits and reducing unnecessary business travel. As we advance, we are looking to measure and ultimately minimize the carbon footprint of our operations globally.